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Marina Outrigger Announcements and Reminders!

CONGRATULATIONS to our very own Charlotte Nurok for being selected to be on the USAORCA Junior Team at the World Distance Outrigger Championships in Samoa this August!  If you have been paddling this winter you know that Charlotte has been putting in that important "time on the water".  Let's continue to encourage and welcome our Keiki and 'Opio paddlers and make sure to wish Charlotte luck on this amazing opportunity!  Charlotte will also be able to cheer on our MDROCC 50s Men's crew as they too represent Team USA in Samoa!  CONGRATS TO ALL!


Everyone must sign a waiver - including coaches and pre-season paddlers.  NO WAIVER - NO WATER!

Adult waiver HERE:
Keiki / 'Opio (Juniors) waiver HERE:

OPEN MEN ONLY:  First Open Men's practice has been pushed back to Sunday, March 26th at 7:30 am!

Men's Novice Practice starts this Sunday, March 19th at 7:30 am! 

Women's Novice and Open Practice starts next Saturday, March 25th at 7:30 am! 

Keiki and 'Opio Practice starts this  Sunday, March 19th at 10:30 am!  (If it rains, we will repeat.)


Join us on March 25th at Noon as we welcome, bless and name the two newest members of our 'Ohana.
Followed immediately by a Season Kick-off Mixer at MidiCi!  All are welcome!

13488 Maxella Ave Unit 100
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292


Any questions?  JUST ASK!!
Mana'o (PUBLIC) / Holomua ta mana'o
« Last post by Tama on January 04, 2023, 03:32PM »
aloha no katou pakahi a pau,

Ua ike au loihi ta manawa i kakau ai maanei. No laila, pela hiti ia'u ke kokua a kakoo no ho'i ia outou a pau paha, i na mea i a'o mai ai. Ike wau, ina mamate outou e hooulu me ta mana'o a ta moana, ta ike, ta mea like aku, e a'o akula pono matou e. Ne mamate e niele mai he mau ninau paha, e ninau mai, mai mata'u.

No ho'i, pono no au e wehewehe akula ia outou i to'u mea hana no outou. No'u iho, he haumana wale, he haumana ma ta honuanua. Mahaple, o kahi mea kakoo au. Ma loko i teia honuanua, ne hiti ia'u ke kakoo, ke kakoo. Eina'e! Aale wau he kahu maoli. Ma loko o to'u mau hana a ka wā kahiko, a me na hana kahiko o mea hula, aale wau he mee, he loea he kahu(na), aale. Aale wau ke lawelawe kula he mau aha like me na pomaika'i ana a na mea atu ma mua. He mea hula ia'u wale. Hiti ia'u ke ha'i aku ia outou he mau mea pololei paha. No ho'i, hiti ia'u ke kakoo ia outou me na mea like me olelo, ike Hawaii a pela aku.

Oia ka mea nui, mamate au e hoike akula ia outou ka mea maika'i no ke hiki, i na mea Hawaii a Polinikea.


"Hey everyone,

I know it's been a long time since I've posted here. I wanted to shed some light on how best to support all of you, from what I have learned over the years. I know, if you want to grow with knowledge of our ocean, grow insight, and the different things that go along with that, you ought to learn things in line with Hawaiian culture. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask.

Also, I should explain to you how I think I can best assist. For myself, I'm just a "student" of Hawaiian things. More over, I am a supporter in this world of things Hawaiian. If I can find a way to help, I'll find alignment with in myself to support. However! I am by no means a kahuna. In my learned traditions, and in the traditions of hula, I am not a priest of someone who does blessing or a priest. Truthfully I don't perform blessing ceremonies similar to what i have done before. I am a practitioner of hula. I can show or describe to you how to do some things properly according to traditions. Also, I can support you with things like Hawaiian Language, and perspectives from a Hawaiian insight.

The important thing is to help convey to you, how I can support regarding insight of Hawaii and Polynesia.

Public Announcements (PUBLIC) / 2023 New Paddler Pre-Season!
« Last post by Angie C. on December 28, 2022, 04:14PM »
Aloha Marina,


•  TWO Sessions - FREE for ALL NEW Paddlers!
•   Saturday January 7th & Sunday January 8th – 8 AM to 11 AM

•  Pre-Season begins with Opening Days – Two Sessions Available on January 7 & 8 – FREE!
•  Must attend Opening Day as entry point to join - Pre-Season runs January 14 – March 11.  Every Saturday & Sunday - 8AM-11AM
•  Sign up now to save your spot!  Must sign Liability Waiver and Member Agreement prior to participation - MUST be able to swim and NO physical/health restrictions
•  Team Led Coaching effort with focus on technique, skill building and all-inclusive learning
of club history, canoes, language, culture, and the art of Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Paddling
•  Program designed to teach, train and recruit brand new paddlers to join the upcoming
Competitive Racing Season beginning April 2023
•  Membership Dues $200 - Includes 10 weeks/20 paddling sessions
•  Wear beach/sportswear attire, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen – Be prepared to get wet!
•  Bring reusable water bottle, towel and dry change of clothes - Paddles are provided!
•  Located at Mother’s Beach, Palawan Way, Marina del Rey – Pay parking lot across street
•  Come for the Paddling & Fun – Stay for the ‘Ohana!

For inquiries contact:
Aloha Marina,

If you are in town and COVID-free join your team tomorrow after the men's practice for some good clean boat polishing and canoe prep for our 9-man season!!  Immediately following the men's practice at approx. 10:45 / 11 am.

Pizzas, turkey wraps and water will be provided!  BYOB, clean some boats and talk story about your favorite 9-man memories!!  

See you at the beach!!
Public Announcements (PUBLIC) / 2022 Iron Champs Potluck signup
« Last post by cjwainwright on June 20, 2022, 04:55PM »
Google Sheet sign up

Forward any questions to CJ Wainwright at, or any BOD member.

The 2022 Marina Racing Season is ON!
Aloha Marina! We are so excited to FINALLY announce the upcoming start of our 2022 season!
Real racing just like you remembered from WAY back in 2019!

Please read through these announcements carefully!

This year we are going digital and paperless! YES! We have combined our SCORA Waiver, Marina Membership Agreement and Race Jersey selection into one online form.

PLEASE: Complete the waiver BEFORE you show up to first practice! Do it now! We will not be providing paper waivers. If you show up and you haven’t signed – you don’t get in a boat.

Here is the link:

Link to pay dues is LIVE!

Do you have an awesome friend, family member or co-worker that wants to try us out? Have them sign the waiver.  Even if they are unsure about joining, they MUST also complete the Waiver and Agreement. If they decide not to join, all good! But we know they will LOVE it!

Men’s Open & Novice Practices start SUNDAY, March 13th at 7:30 AM
Be ready to GO!!!
Novice Men’s Coach:
Open Men’s Coach:

Women’s Open & Novice Practices start SATURDAY, April 2nd at 7:30 AM!
Be ready to GO!!!
Novice Women’s Coach:
Open Women’s Coach:

Any additional questions?  Reach out to your Board of Directors or Head Coach!

Race Secretary:
Head Coach:
Larry Raigetal teaches wayfinding once a year at University of Guam, the course is called "Traditional Navigation".  I don't know how many weeks the course is, but it starts in April.
Aloha Marina!

We had a huge turn out for our first Off Season Opening Day!  I want to thank Nani, Red, Ala and Billie for their time and attention in making it such a special day.  Thanks also to the Marina vets that filled in as examples to our new paddlers.  Due to the large numbers we are updating some of the details for those FIRST TIME paddlers.

Please see attached updated flyer and read for updated Off Season Paddling information and make sure to complete the waiver:

UPDATE!!  2021-2022 Off Season Paddling:  Next Opening Day is October 30th!

Aloha Paddlers and Welcome Future Paddlers!

We had an overwhelming response to our first introductory day!
More than 50 new paddlers got to experience our sport, culture, and history.
Missed it?  Your next chance is on October 30th.  All new paddlers are required to attend the
Opening Day Intro prior to joining the off-season. *No walk-ins at any other times will be taken.

•           Saturday,  8 - 10:30 am – NEW paddlers
•           Sunday,  8 - 10:30 am - Marina Men & Women Paddlers Only
•           Active 2021 Marina dues paid members are free
•           New paddlers & Marina non-active members:  $175 (Sept - Feb)
         First session for NEW members is FREE
•           Venmo (@Marina-Outrigger), Paypal, Square, Cash or Check

This year Off Season Paddling will be a TEAM lead effort focused on
continued learning & training for vets and new paddlers!

•         Instructional coaching included. We supply the paddles.  Bring your reusable water bottle, beach/sportswear, towel and dry change of clothes.  You will get wet!
•         Open to COVID 19 fully vaccinated adults, 18 and over.  No experience necessary but you must be able to swim.  Liability waiver and member agreement must be signed prior to participation.
•         Located at Mother’s Beach, Marina del Rey – Across from the pay parking lot on Palawan way.

Questions?  Contact:
Public Announcements (PUBLIC) / Coastal CleanUp Day September 18th!!!!!
« Last post by Saysaypaddle on September 04, 2021, 03:07PM »
Hi Marina Ohana.
I’m hoping you can join us for Coastal Cleanup Day 2021.
It is Saturday, September 18th from 9:00A-12:00P. 

We will be hosting a beach clean on the water, at our Beach.   
Bring your own craft (OC1,2 SUP, Ski), Life Jacket, Leash and bucket, or bag to collect trash.
If we have enough people to paddle in OC6 we will take them out as needed.
I'll post a sign up soon so we can track those coming who will need to be in OC6.
Registration is required for this event please follow the instructions below for registration.

Thanks to our amazing sponsors we will have prizes for top 3 trash collectors and a raffle for participants.   

Sponsors: Marina Del Rey Outrigger Canoe Club, Puakea Designs, Ozone Socal, Kindhumans, Kokua Trading Co. Trash Tramp, and Cali Paddler.  Maybe more to come.

-Go to link:
-Select the Green register button
-Scroll to:
Marina Beach - Mothers Beach - On Water
Marina Beach - Mothers Beach - On Water
Sales end on Sep 18, 2021
Contact | Say Craig | Location| Mothers Beach 14031 Palawan Way, Marina Del Rey 90292

-Be careful there are 2 clean ups in the marina make sure to register for ours with my name Say Craig
Select the number in your party and register.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at
If you want to help with set up, organizing etc please also email me!  Thank you ☺

ALL MONTH LONG: Heal the Bay will be hosting Coastal Cleanup Month in Los Angeles County to spread awareness about ocean pollution and empower community members to take action.  Please join us all month long and especially on Sept 18th in the Marina.  Share your actions by tagging #ProtectYourHappyPlace #CoastalCleanupDay #TrainingOutTheTrash #KeepingMarinaBlue #SCORAOutTheTRASH

Please be careful, wear gloves, watch where you grab. Safety first!!

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you there.

Aloha Paddlers and Welcome Future Paddlers!

Off Season Paddling Starts September 25th!  Marina Members on September 26th!

Saturdays, 8 - 10:30 am – NEW paddlers • Sundays, 8 - 10:30 am - Marina Men & Women Paddlers Only

Club end of Season BBQ following Saturday's practice.  Meet and Greet our NEW Paddlers!
**This year Off Season Paddling will be a TEAM lead effort focused on continued learning & training for vets and new paddlers!**

• Active 2021 Marina dues paid members are FREE
• New paddlers & Marina non-active members: $175 (Sept - Feb)
$20 per session – Pay as you go -
First session for NEW members is FREE
• Venmo (@Marina-Outrigger), Paypal, Square,
Cash or Check (payable to Marina del Rey Outrigger)

• Instructional coaching included. We supply the paddles for new paddlers. Bring your reusable water bottle, beach/sportswear, towel and dry change of clothes. You will get wet!
• First come, first served via sign up, based on space available. Preference may be given to trained steers people, strokers and new paddlers.
Open to COVID 19 fully vaccinated adults, 18 and over. No experience necessary but you must know how to swim. Liability waiver and member agreement must be completed prior to participation.
• Located at Mother’s Beach, Marina del Rey – Across from the pay parking lot on Palawan Way.

Please share attached flyer!
Questions?  Contact:
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