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Miscellaneous (PUBLIC) / Re: YETI film on Lauren Spaulding
« Last post by Khaled Alkhatib on September 05, 2020, 04:49AM »
Beautiful story thanks for sharing
Miscellaneous (PUBLIC) / YETI film on Lauren Spaulding
« Last post by cho on September 03, 2020, 04:46PM »
YETI has great videos on youtube- finally did one on outrigger paddling, focusing on Lauren Spaulding.

Public Announcements (PUBLIC) / Beach Reopening guidelines
« Last post by cho on May 15, 2020, 12:16PM »
Here are the updated Beach guidelines.  As it relates to Mother's beach, it's the same- we're allowed to launch. Bathrooms will reopen and the water prob turned back on
Here are link to the County Dashboards.. pretty informative

And maps of the various infections etc
The county sent out this order Friday, March 27:

ADDENDUM TO SAFER AT HOME ORDER FOR CONTROL OF COVID-19 Temporary Closure of Public Trails and Trailheads, Beaches, Piers, Beach Bike

Paths and Beach Access Points

Date Order Issued: March 27, 2020

Please read this Order carefully. Violation of or failure to comply with this Order is a crime punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both.

SUMMARY OF THE ORDER: This County of Los Angeles Health Officer Order (Order) amends the Health Officer Order of March 21, 2020, to include the temporary closure of all public beaches, public trails, and trailheads within the Public Health Jurisdiction of the County of Los Angeles. The County of Los Angeles Public Health Jurisdiction is defined as all unincorporated areas and cities within the County of Los Angeles, with the exception of the cities of Long Beach and Pasadena.

The County of Los Angeles and its Department of Public Health observed an unusually high volume of beach and trail users on March 21 and 22, which seriously impeded the beach and trail users' practice of safe and necessary social distancing measures (avoiding crowds and maintaining distance of 6 feet from others who are not household members or close contacts). This heavy amount of beach and trail use by numerous groups of people does not allow for safe social distancing, and therefore seriously impedes community efforts to stem the local transmission of COVID-19. Accordingly, this Order is necessary to both enforce social distancing measures and stem the spread of COVID-19 within the community.


1. All public trails and trailheads within the County of Los Angeles Public Health Jurisdiction are to be temporarily closed to the public as of March 27, 2020, in order to limit the gathering of crowds of people on these public trails and trailheads to further stem the spread of COVID-19 among the greater Los Angeles community.

2. All public beaches, piers, public beach parking lots, beach bike paths that traverse that sanded portion of the beach, and beach access points within the County of Los Angeles Public Health Jurisdiction are to be temporarily closed to the public as of March 27, 2020, to limit gathering of crowds of people on public beaches to further stem the spread of COVID-19 among the greater Los Angeles community.

3. This Order shall be effective immediately and continue through April 19, 2020.

4. Persons may continue to use currently open and publicly available park space, not prohibited by this Order, for passive recreational activities, while practicing social distancing.

5. This Order incorporates by reference the March 21, 2020 County Health Officer Order.

6. To protect the public's health, the Health Officer may take additional action(s) for failure to comply with this Order. Violation of this Order is a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment, fine or both under California Health and Safety Code Section 120295 et seq. Further, pursuant to Sections 26602 and 41601 of the California Government Code and Section 101029 of the California Health and Safety Code, the Health Officer requests that the Sheriff and Chiefs of Police in all cities, and lifeguards located in the Los Angeles County Public Health Jurisdiction ensure compliance with this Order.
Aloha everyone,

The start of our Marina Outrigger 6-man outrigger canoe racing season is still ON HOLD, because of state and county regulations related to the managing the spread of the Corona virus.

The Southern California Outrigger Canoe Association (SCORA), which oversees our club, along with dozens of others across SoCal, has NOT called off the ironman, sprinting or 9-man seasons.

But we ask for your patience and understanding as we all comply with government imposed social distancing and size of gatherings requirements.

The Marina Outrigger Board of Directors met virtually last night, with all 6 board members and 6 guests. The board meetings are always open to all members.

Thanks to our treasurer, Ryan Field, we have financial scenarios outlined for all possibilities, including the club having no season in 2020, the club having just a 9-man season and off season, the club having no annual Kahanamoku Klassic race (our main fundraiser for the year), and the club having an abbreviated annual race.

Realizing that many of our members may be unemployed, and may not be able to afford seasonal dues, be assured we have cut our expenses to the absolute minimum for mandatory maintenance and insurance.

While we are in this holding pattern, there are some things the club can still do for you.

Many members, while practicing social distancing, are still going out on their one man canoes and surf skis on the weekends around 7:30 am, as well as in the week day afternoons. Motherís Beach parking remains open at this time.

The club members have a core group of volunteers who can assist members unable to leave their homes because of health and safety reasons. Should you need assistance, please email Malia Zimmerman at or call her at 808-306-3161.

The board is creating a business member directory, and encouraging all business owners in the club to send in their information about their business so other members in the club can support your business. Members can email their name, business name, services provided, contact information, and any promotional materials to Malia at

If you have a small business, please also email information about your products or service to so you can be featured on Marinaís social media including Facebook and on the Forum.

If you are a physical trainer or health coach, of any sort, and offering services online, please email Malia that information as well.

If you have any ideas of how we can support each other, please feel free to share them with the members of the board or head coach Lindsey Richman. Their contact information is included in this post.

We also ask that you keep in touch with other members of the club, by phone, email or social media, so we can all help to keep up each otherís spirits. There is a contact directory of all members on the Forum and there also is a Marina Outrigger FB page, where we can communicate with one another.

This article from One Medical has some good ideas to beat back depression and keep a positive, healthy outlook as we face this challenge:

We can, and will, get through this crisis.

We will get back to club paddling and racing when this is all over.

Letís continue to support each other, care for each other, motivate each other to stay in shape, go to the ocean for its healing powers, and remember our club slogan that we each wear on the back of our jerseys, ďHe Ďohana kakouÖ. We are all family.Ē


Malia Zimmerman, president,
Kathlene Francis, VP,
Alapai Kanamu, Secretary,
Ryan Field, Treasurer,
Mary Sloane, SCORA Rep.,
James Hillis, race secretary,
Lindsey Richman, head coach,
Saturday OC6 Paddling is happening today
Rec Paddling Program Announcements (PUBLIC) / New Years Day OC6 Paddle 1-1-2020
« Last post by Joey on December 29, 2019, 07:27PM »
Start the New Year Off right with a renewed commitment to Outrigger Canoe paddling.
Please join us for a challenging, fun OC6 paddling session.
Wednesday morning at 8am. 1-1-2020
Dress warm.
We will all need to fill out new SCORA 2020 Liability waivers before we get in our canoes.
So arrive early. Or print up your own waiver and bring it to the beach already filled out. :D
Thank you.
Are we paddling on Christmas Day?
If itís not pouring rain at 8am on Christmas Day, then yes.
If itís raining, then no. Hope to see you there, weather permitting.
Dress warm.
Happy Holidays!
Letís Paddle!
See you at the beach!
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