Author Topic: UPDATE!! 2021-2022 Off Season Paddling: Next Opening Day is October 30th!  (Read 1531 times)

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Aloha Marina!

We had a huge turn out for our first Off Season Opening Day!  I want to thank Nani, Red, Ala and Billie for their time and attention in making it such a special day.  Thanks also to the Marina vets that filled in as examples to our new paddlers.  Due to the large numbers we are updating some of the details for those FIRST TIME paddlers.

Please see attached updated flyer and read for updated Off Season Paddling information and make sure to complete the waiver:

UPDATE!!  2021-2022 Off Season Paddling:  Next Opening Day is October 30th!

Aloha Paddlers and Welcome Future Paddlers!

We had an overwhelming response to our first introductory day!
More than 50 new paddlers got to experience our sport, culture, and history.
Missed it?  Your next chance is on October 30th.  All new paddlers are required to attend the
Opening Day Intro prior to joining the off-season. *No walk-ins at any other times will be taken.

•           Saturday,  8 - 10:30 am – NEW paddlers
•           Sunday,  8 - 10:30 am - Marina Men & Women Paddlers Only
•           Active 2021 Marina dues paid members are free
•           New paddlers & Marina non-active members:  $175 (Sept - Feb)
         First session for NEW members is FREE
•           Venmo (@Marina-Outrigger), Paypal, Square, Cash or Check

This year Off Season Paddling will be a TEAM lead effort focused on
continued learning & training for vets and new paddlers!

•         Instructional coaching included. We supply the paddles.  Bring your reusable water bottle, beach/sportswear, towel and dry change of clothes.  You will get wet!
•         Open to COVID 19 fully vaccinated adults, 18 and over.  No experience necessary but you must be able to swim.  Liability waiver and member agreement must be signed prior to participation.
•         Located at Mother’s Beach, Marina del Rey – Across from the pay parking lot on Palawan way.

Questions?  Contact:
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