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Veterans OC6 Sunday practice is cancelled tomorrow 10-6-19.

We are having a special event/ fundraiser for the club.

Experienced and Veteran paddlers please join us again the following Sunday, 10-13-19 for Shelley’s steering clinic.  If you want to up grade your skills and knowledge about steering, please sign up!
There will be a veterans only OC6 practice tomorrow, Sunday at 8am.
Here’s an updated flyer:
Aloha paddlers and Welcome Future paddlers!
Yes, Off Season OC-6 paddling starts this Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019

Cost for members is free.
Cost for nonmembers: $20 per paddling session.
$150. For the whole off season until February 2020.

Out of our 11 OC6 canoes, we have 3, six-man canoes currently rigged and ready to paddle.

We will need a core group of paddlers to arrive early and help rig more canoes.

Your help getting our Off Season program started will be much appreciated.
Bring your friends!
More details coming soon.
Technique (PUBLIC) / kanuculture paddling articles
« Last post by david on August 14, 2019, 05:09PM »
Lots of good articles.   (click on older or newer at the bottom of the page).
Technique (PUBLIC) / Hudl Video technique
« Last post by Earl on June 06, 2019, 10:06AM »
Slow the video down on your settings right lower corner of your screen.

Catch is very important in your stroke, on how the Body,shoulder and the lower arm getting that blade in the water (forearm wet) guided by the strong/stiff upper arm on pressure (soft wrist up and downward motion).

Technique (PUBLIC) / 2019 Kevin and Tupuria
« Last post by Earl on April 04, 2019, 06:54AM »,_CA

Get out there in your OC1 or V1. It's the only way to learn "Feeling" connecting yourself to the paddle, to your boat- gliding in the water.


1. of the how solid Catch/pressure of the Blade in front
2. of when to release that pressure
3. when/where/how to exit out your lower hand and blade
4. of how far-glide did that stroke send that boat forward and when to stick that blade again maximizing that glide per stroke.
5. when to bring stroke up and when to slow it down catching that bump
6. when your falling off the wave and when your nose is downward- bring that rate up to glide/slide on that wave
7. and feeling each others effort in OC6- smoothness and precision in the water
Technique (PUBLIC) / Re: Kevin and Tupuria Clinic
« Last post by RudyR on December 15, 2018, 05:27AM »
Love the video of Kevin and Tupuria Clinic!  Thanks for sharing!  By any chance was there a video of them talking about the V1 stroke or any video of Kevin C-J sharing his technique?  Mahalo!
Training (PUBLIC) / Winter Training Guide
« Last post by Earl on November 20, 2018, 07:44AM »
This winter is the time to build your foundation to carry over to the next Season. " It's all time in the water" But bring it to another level. Use this as a guide to your training regimen, get a binder and plastic laminate sleeves in staple/Office Depot (Write down your specific modified numbers on the Plastic) and modify the numbers to your specific time,days,weeks- to coincide with your target Race in the month to come. M-W-F-S or T-Th-F-S make sure you set a day to recover. Cross Train if water time is impossible that day. Manage your nutrition well and recovery. Salt Tabs/electrolytes and protein is a must. Drink plenty of water.

Keep a log book to track down your progress every week as you stretch your training intervals and endurance time.

I'll see you in the water soon. Good Luck Marina!!!
Technique (PUBLIC) / Re: Johnny Puakea on the Catch
« Last post by Earl on June 01, 2018, 11:21AM »

And Pat D

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