Author Topic: "Taste of Aloha" (2013 season cultural series) Installment 1  (Read 5336 times)

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Kari Mele

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In an effort to bring Hawai'i to us here in CA and bring back some of the traditional roots of the club, we are going to incorporate small gestures of culture this season.  Those can be things like chants, short stories/myths/legends, guest speakers, hula/tahitian dance, tying ti leaves to canoes, kanikapila, etc.

Last Saturday, 3.16.13, I kicked off the season for the wahine with a chant called "Kunihi Ka Mauna." We have used this chant a few times before and relate this chant to us venturing into the ocean and requesting a safe journey.  Here is the link to the translation and literary story.  ;D

If you're interested, please peruse other "Mana'o (Public)" posts for more great stuff about the history of paddling in CA and our club beginnings, additional chants, parts of the canoe, Hawaiian language, etc.

Additionally, if you have knowledge around anything related, you're a great resource for our club!  Please share!  We would love to hear from you too!
Live aloha!  ; )