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Meaning of `Ohāna
« on: July 20, 2012, 03:03PM »
So the definition of `ohāna.   I have heard the different definitions of what `ohāna means from the lips of others.  It makes me both proud and curious, that some take to heart the aspect of the language.  For others they have their definition.  

As was taught to me....  If you were to take the word and break it down to two parts: `ohā + na ,  and find the meanings behind these now two words.  It might broaden the idea of what `ohāna means.  

`Ohā by its self is the growin chute or stalk from a mature kalo/taro plant. And -na is both described as either to show beloning to, or the pluralizing suffix. So if you plant a lo`i ( of kalo, that is where poi comes from btw, that which sustains the Hawaiians, like maize to indians. In order to multiply the amount of kalo/taro you have, you would  take from the mature plant, the center chute, the `ohā, and plant it, and that becomes an off-chute, and a whole new plant on its own, and when that plant matures, you take the `ohā from that and plant that, and on and on and on.... Again, importance of kalo, the food that Ku gave the hawaiians to sustain the basic existence of man. The significance of na comes in to place when that chute is belonging to another kalo, and up that chain, youʻre belonging to a longer extension of a lo`i of kalo, or for this purpose of the branches of a family tree, and inclusion of hanai etc... This idea of `ohāna is beyond the western concept of a nuclear family. This idea of `ohāna unfortunately is not adequately translatable these days. Films like Lilo and Stitch (omg), unfortunately waters down the concept and makes it or palettable for the non-hawaiian.  The further inclusion of word na, like i mentioned is the pluralization of the word, a suffix pluralization.  So as to indicate quantity of `ohā, and multitude.  Often you can harvest more that two `ohā from one kalo, sometimes 4 or a kaha.  Likewise if you were to use the softer sound of `ohā, oha, notice no diacritical marks.  That definition is still yet relatable to the main word.  oha by definition is:  To spread as a vine, grow, lush, often showing affection.  Still yet relating.  
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