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Downwind skills
« on: July 05, 2017, 12:52PM »
Great video by surfski education about catching bumps.  Pretty self explanatory with great illustration but for those novices at heart (including me) watch a couple things:

1) he doesn't immediately turn down to chase the fast/bigger wave, he gets on a smaller one running in a slightly different direction to start (0:30 sec).  Notice how little effort he uses to get in it (like 2 light strokes!) - incredible.  This takes will power, it is very hard not to chase every fast wave you see (turn down on the first one), but if you do, you will be tired, not catch anything and start falling behind.

2) at about 1:00 he turns down (left) as a faster wave comes and puts a little more effort

3) at 1:30 he then spots a steeper faster wave while moving at speed and sprints to catch it

Steersmen, study this carefully since you have to be able to connect like this.  Use the small ones to catch the big ones.  But EVERY paddler in the boat needs to study this just as much or else the team boats will not work in the downwind.  If everyone does not know exactly when to put in effort and what the steersman is doing, then it would be like the surfskier in the video having one arm paddling and one arm resting at the same time.  You need to power together or you won't catch anything.

Go out and practice.  A group of us go out almost every Monday and Wednesday afternoon to get wind.  Find an OC1 and come out and practice.  Plus it is about the most fun you can have in the ocean