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Kihei canoe club relay race
« on: February 06, 2013, 03:56PM »
Just got back from Maui yesterday. While there I got to paddle in a relay race last Saturday with my boyfriend. It started at the Kihei canoe club and ended at canoe beach in lahaina. We started the first leg. You do changes by jumping out and swimming to shore while your other team jumps in. Then you hop in the truck drive to the next spot, when you see your team, swim back out again and tread until they get there. That was a new experience for me but fun. We paddled through such beautiful waters with colors that are indescribable. At one point there was so much coral it was like navigating through a mine field. We didn't medal this time but we still had fun. We used our team mates waveblade, I call it a wave brick! :P (Hope i didn't insult any of you if you own one), It was so hard to get a nice glide going, not like his Pueo at all. Anyway, my paddling peeps Anna, Denise and Jenny came to Maui as well for our Super Bowl party. We all got to paddle together yesterday morning. I'm looking forward to paddling Saturday but I'll sure miss the warmth.  8) See you then.