Author Topic: Johnny Puakea's Training Program (OC6 & OC1)  (Read 15145 times)

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Johnny Puakea's Training Program (OC6 & OC1)
« on: March 27, 2013, 12:02PM »

I paddled with Offshore once. They're trying to train to be more competitive, so they hired a coach and more importantly, John Puakea to give them a winning training regime that's tested and works. However, we of course have our own coach, and what they decide is what goes. But this is here for you for your private program or OC1 training, etc.

Like his famous father, Johnny Puakea is a canoe maker (ultra-lights, OC1s & OC6s & designer of the Pueo), as well as trainer/coach of pro teams in Tahiti,  Wahine Team Bradley (1st boat across 2012 Moloki'i finish line) & Men's Team Primo (4th? boat over line in Molokai'i). He's also coached Olympic Kayakers. John teaches group, team and private lessons. Contact: (808) 499-8195
Below is the same, tested program he uses for his repeated winning teams:

2013 Season Training Program from John Puakea

Do this for 3 weeks.
Really stick to the percentages.
Check HR, Paddling hard now WILL NOT help you later.
For OC1s choose a single course and stick to it to use it as a guide for improvement.
**Rate should never be higher than 60 (not just for this program, but always if you wish to win)

Mon                     1 hr paddle singles 30 min steady piece HR: 70-80%
Tue                      1-1.5 hr paddle  10x4min - rest 2 min between (HR: 70-75%)     
Wed                      Cross-train 45-1hr HR: 70% (no paddle)
Thur                       1-1.5 hr paddle 8x5 min - rest 1 min between (HR: 70-75%)

Fri         -   Off   -
Sat                        1.5-2 hr paddle  3x20 min - rest 2 min between (HR: 65-75%)
Sun                       1 hr cross-train HR 70% (no paddle)   

Johnny Puakea