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downwind paddling
« on: January 04, 2011, 11:56AM »

good article.

surfski, but tips still apply:

   1. When catching runs start paddling early and stop paddling very early
   2. Once on the run start tracking to the side to maximize speed through the water.
   3. Keep the ski on the crest of the run and avoid launching down the face until you need to exploit this energy to link through to the next run.
   4. Constantly scan ahead looking for developing holes and runs. Be especially aware of opportunities created by a cross chop and exploit the peaks and troughs that it causes.
   5. When the run loses energy or starts pushing up in front of you use the remaining energy to slip off the side and only turn in the direction of the runs once the peak in front has moved ahead of the nose of the ski.
   6. Keep up boat speed by paddling smoothly and evenly between runs.
   7. Be patient.  The next run will be along soon and, if itís not to your liking, there is another behind that.

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