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Eleven Cardinal Virtues of Athletes
« on: June 27, 2008, 11:45AM »
Something I dug out from paddling files...

Eleven Cardinal Virtues of Athletes

DESIRE – Desire provides the drive that carries an athlete to success.  Dedicated athletes have a strong desire to improve, to compete and to win.  No one gets to be the best without having the desire to be the best.  (How strong is your desire?)

AGGRESSIVENESS – Winners make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen.  They take charge, force action and produce results.  They assert themselves strongly and make their presence felt.  They thrive on competition.  (Are you an aggressive competitor?)

DETERMINATION – Determination makes winners.  Determination is the refusal to quit or accept defeat, the persistence to try and try again, the willingness to practice long and hard.  Determined athletes are relentless in their efforts to improve and to win.

RESPONSIBILITY – Winners accept total responsibility for their actions.  They admit errors and will not blame others or make excuses.  They recognize their own mistakes and the need for change and improvement.

LEADERSHIP – Winners tend to enjoy the role of a leader.  When leadership is needed, they step forward and take charge.  They are dynamic people who like to influence others and take control of situations.

SELF CONFIDENCE – Self confidence builds winners.  Winners have confidence in their abilities and can act decisively.  They believe they can successfully meet challenges and handle unexpected situations.  They never doubt their own abilities.

EMOTIONAL CONTROL – Successful athletes can handle the presence of competitive sports.  They stay cool, adjust quickly and are not upset by bad breaks and bad calls.  They deliver top performances regardless of the circumstances.

MENTAL TOUGHNESS – Mental toughness is a major factor in athletic success.  Winners can accept strong criticism and vigorous training from a demanding coach.  They recover quickly from setbacks and don’t fall apart when the going gets tough.

COACHABILITY – Winners respect the coach and the coaching process.  They know that the coaching is important to their development and progress as an athlete.  They are receptive to the coach’s advice and follow it.

CONSCIENTIOUSNESS – Winners have high standards of character.  They have a deep sense of obligation and know a team must have discipline to be successful.  They put the welfare of the team first.  They don’t bend the rules or regulations to suit themselves.

TRUST – Winners are believers.  They accept people at face value and know that mutual trust is a major factor in building team morale and unity.  Trusting athletes communicate and cooperate better with their teammates and coach.

Author Unknown