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safety equipment for downwind runs
« on: March 16, 2008, 11:16AM »
This last run was a reminder that safety procedures are extremely important... this is a list of equipment that is important- the further out to sea you are or the colder the water, the more important it is... everything on the list can be strapped or taped to your canoe or tucked in you camelbak.

The goal is to be self sufficient.  Whatever redundant equipment the better.  On a big day, separation happens in an instant and it's really hard for everyone to see where everyone's at, and to paddle back upwind to get back to help you...This should be standard equipment for everyone to have (based on my experience)... liquid and fuel is assumed of course

1. Leash
2. extra paddle (if someone else has an extra blade but they're 1/2 mile away, it does you no good) rubbered to the iako
3. life jacket
4. safety sausage surface signal- imagine bobbing in whitecapping big waves with a disable boat- if someone is out looking for you, it'll be good for them to see you...can get one at sport chalet for under $10, rolls up and leave in your camelbak and forget about til you need it... most likely you never use it but if you ever do, you will be happy you have it.
5. phone or radio in waterproof case or bag.. worst case, but should be at least one per group, but if everyone has one, or one per pair, even better.
6. extra rubbers tied to iakos... good for tying or attaching things in water.. rudder, ama, another boat?  trust me it can happen.
7. extra thin bungee or string (cable breakage)
8. In group situations, I think we might work out some sort of flag whip for visibility.

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