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Rules for offseason paddling
« on: February 14, 2008, 07:13PM »
There have been some questions about safety and observation of rules for use of the 6 man canoes during the off season.
Realizing that the offseason is drawing to a close, we realize that these rules should have been clarified sooner- but better late than never.
The MDROCC Board has established these rules for the safety of our paddlers.
These rules are for offseason paddlers in the 6 man canoes.
Please adhere to these rules for the safety of  all members of our club.

In order to go outside the break wall, there shall be a minimum of two 6 man canoes participating in the work out.

In any instance, inside or outside of the break wall, both canoes must each have 6 life vests, a bailer and a 5 gallon bucket.

If going outside the break wall, one of the canoes must have a means of communication, either a walkie talkie or a cell phone.

There must be a board approved steersman in each canoe (but not necessarily steering). 

Canoes must follow all harbor rules.

If the small craft advisory flag is up, NO  6 man canoes outside the break wall.
  FYI: The small craft flag is an orange pennant that is flown off the sheriff station flag pole.

Safety is the responsibility of all members of the club. If you have any questions about these rules, please contact a board member.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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