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2019 Kevin and Tupuria
« on: April 04, 2019, 06:54AM »,_CA

Get out there in your OC1 or V1. It's the only way to learn "Feeling" connecting yourself to the paddle, to your boat- gliding in the water.


1. of the how solid Catch/pressure of the Blade in front
2. of when to release that pressure
3. when/where/how to exit out your lower hand and blade
4. of how far-glide did that stroke send that boat forward and when to stick that blade again maximizing that glide per stroke.
5. when to bring stroke up and when to slow it down catching that bump
6. when your falling off the wave and when your nose is downward- bring that rate up to glide/slide on that wave
7. and feeling each others effort in OC6- smoothness and precision in the water
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