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Title: Winter Training Guide
Post by: Earl on November 20, 2018, 08:44AM
This winter is the time to build your foundation to carry over to the next Season. " It's all time in the water" But bring it to another level. Use this as a guide to your training regimen, get a binder and plastic laminate sleeves in staple/Office Depot (Write down your specific modified numbers on the Plastic) and modify the numbers to your specific time,days,weeks- to coincide with your target Race in the month to come. M-W-F-S or T-Th-F-S make sure you set a day to recover. Cross Train if water time is impossible that day. Manage your nutrition well and recovery. Salt Tabs/electrolytes and protein is a must. Drink plenty of water.

Keep a log book to track down your progress every week as you stretch your training intervals and endurance time.

I'll see you in the water soon. Good Luck Marina!!!